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Thursday, October 30, 2014

What is double down in Blackjack?

Let’s get a little more complicated and start doubling down. This means that after you get your face up card and your face down card, double your bet. You do this by putting a second $5.00 (or whatever the amount you first placed) in your betting box. You and the dealer understand that you have committed to trying to win by taking one more card. You can increase your blackjack budget by looking at some casino comparison sites to find the recent bonus offers the best casinos are offering to their players.

What made you do this? How did you come to this decision? How can doing this be to your advantage?

First of all, you are gambling. You could well lose all of the money you have just bet. Doubling doesn’t increase your chances of winning, it increases the amount you will get if you do win. But the experts have worked out your chances and have a set of rules for you to follow that will tell you when it is safest to double.

There are even charts worked out (that the truly dedicated will memorize) telling you when to double and when not to double. However, some casinos will do that for you. Some have house rules about when you can double down. Some let you double at any time and others will only allow you to double if you have a ten or eleven in your hand.

double down in Blackjack
If you are allowed to double anytime you want, here are some general rules to follow:

Double down if you have a hard 10 or a hard 11 and the dealer isn’t showing an ace. Remember, by doubling down, you are telling the dealer, “I think I can beat your hand with just one more card. I’m so sure of it that I’m going to bet double on it. Seventeen points in a hand is considered a hand with a fair or better chance of winning. What are your chances of getting up to seventeen with a hard ten? (more…)

William Hill Casino Game Previews Let You Get a Taste of the Action

Trying out new gambling games can be a bit of a dice roll. Just when you think that you’ve found a game that you can really enjoy, you find that it’s really not what you expected. Then you’ve already invested good money into it, so you feel like you’re obligated to finish. The truth is that you need to always think about the options you have rather than just getting sucked into one game or another. Now, most casinos just decide that this is the way that it’s going to be. But you should know that not all casinos feel this way at all. If you go with any of the William Hill casino game previews, you’ll actually find that you have the chance to check out a partial showing of the casino game that you’re most interested in. It’s better to make sure that you have this option than to just keep throwing your money away on games that really don’t interest you.

Casino GamesIt’s all about balance. If you are trying to escape stress, adding more stress is only going to make life harder for you, not easier. Going online to get the exact experience you want is very important for a lot or reasons. Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to save money when you don’t have to leave home. When you get to stay inside and test out games that might be interesting, it’s time that doesn’t have to be spent going to other places. In addition, you have less wasted time. It never fails that there’s a huge line at the place that you really want to check out. Having to queue up or everything that you want can be downright frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that weary at all. You get to stay inside, have fun, and even make some money.

William Hill has a very long history of providing the ultimate in entertainment to all gamblers, regardless of skill level. Even if you’re just getting your toes into the online gambling pool, you’re bound to have a rocking good time. Just check it out for yourself. Once you get to download a few of the software previews, you’ll see exactly what has kept William Hill around as one of the top gaming destinations online across all of their properties. Check it out today!

Playing Spades for Real Money Gives You Real Power – What Could Be Better Than That?

Are you thinking about having a little different experience with gambling online than before? Great! We wanted to give you some more options than what you had before. You see, it’s easy to get burned out on just poker and blackjack. You might want to play something else, but you’re just not sure what you should play. Why not turn to playing spades for real money?

This isn’t an option at every casino, but more and more casinos are beginning to offer it. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking about what type of experience you want to have. If you haven’t played spades in a long time, you might want to play it on your own for fun until you’re ready to play it for real money. It’s completely up to you to figure out what you really want to do. You don’t have to make any apologies for it, of course. It’s completely up to you to define your fun and excitement!

Playing Spades for Real Money

Not sure where you can play spades? Check into a casino review directory. Not only will you see what games are offered by every casino, you’ll be able to see if you can get a welcome bonus. While some gamblers turn down the extra cash, we think that any bit that you can add to your bankroll is definitely a good thing. Make sure that you’re looking into all of your options, just to be on the safe side.

There’s a vibrant community of people that play spades online, and they are always happy to help a newbie really get into the game. Spades has been around for a while, so you really won’t lack for players. Check it out today!

Rules of Pai Gow poker

All the popular online casinos offer Pai Gow in a category of table games. Speaking about the history of this card game, it originated in China many many years ago. It was originally played not with cars but with piles, by the way. This game came to the largest land-based gambling establishments of Las Vegas in 1980s or even later, probably brought by Chinese immigrants. At that time dominoes have been already replaced by a traditional 52 cards deck. Right now Pai Gow poker can be enjoyed not only at the table in a large brick-and-mortar casino but in British online casinos as well.

Pai Gow poker doesn’t actually have much in common with traditional poker like we know it. The only similarity is probably the same poker hands qualified according to the payout table. So, let’s look at the rules of Pai Gow poker on the example of 32Red Casino powered by Microgaming. Microgaming Pai Gow software is justly considered to be one of the most classy. Launching the game either in a download or instant-play mode, you will see a table with playing areas for 5 players. Don’t even play attention, it’s just a trick used by Microgaming developers to create an atmosphere of sitting at the real Pai Gow table along with other players. Pai Gow online is a solitary game meaning that you are competing against a virtual dealer only.

Pai Gow pokerIn the very beginning, you are expected to place an ante bet. In Microgaming software your betting options include a simple bet and a bonus bet. Their size varies from $1 to $200 that caters to the needs for both low rollers and high rollers. Once you place your bets (or just a single bet), both you and a dealer will be dealt 7 cards. You can see only your cards face up. What you should do is to divide these 7 cards into two hands- a high hand and a low hand. A high hand (also called a behind hand) should consist of 5 cards while the low hand(also called a front hand) should consist of 2 cards only. The main rule you should follow is that your high hand should be always higher than your low hand. For example, you can not have a pair in your low hand and nothing in your high hand at the same time.

The best poker combination you can have in your low hand is obviously a pair while you can have anything from pair to the Royal Flush in your high hand. Having separated your hands you can finally click the PLAY button to get your hands compared to the hands of a virtual dealer. If you win both hands, then your bet is doubled. Bonus payouts are given for high hands from straight to 7 card straight flush. If one of your hand is higher and another hand is lower than a banker’s hand, then you receive your bet back. If both your hands lose, then you lose everything you bet, as you can guess. In case of a tie that appears rather rarely though, casino claims all the bets you made.

In most cases Pai Gow poker software also has a joker that can substitute any other card and help you complete a winning poker combination. Microgaming Pai Gow software also have a button called HOUSE WAY. Pressing this button you can make computer decide how to divide your hands.

What Should I Look For in an Online Casino

Type in the words online casino and you will be dumbfounded by the amount of online casinos available. With all of the different choices it can be difficult to make up your mind. The difficult part is figuring out what to look for in an online casino. Once you know what to look for than you will have an easier time deciding what online casino you want to play at.

Not all online casinos allow customers from all states or countries. In fact, most U.S. states don´t allow gamble on the net and most online casinos have stopped accepting U.S. residents altogether. For this reason, one of the first things you must look into is the regional restrictions. Make sure that the casino will allow you to play. In addition, you may also want to make sure that online gambling is legal in your state.

online casinoIn order to participate in an online casino you will need to have a compatible computer. Most online casinos have some sort of software they use in order to allow you to access their games. However, if you do not have the right computer and software you may not have access or the games might not work right on your computer. It is also important to find out if the online casino has technical support and how long their technical support is available.

Another important aspect of gambling is the deposit method. You have to add money to the casino before you can play. There are many methods of depositing money including, instant transfer, credit card, and online banks such as Neteller. However, not all casinos accept all methods. In addition, some credit card processors use different security measures which may prevent you from using your credit card even though it is valid and your information was correct. In order to deposit money you have to choose the online casino with the right deposit method.

Many online casinos offer incentives to get people to try their online casinos. This is usually in the form of bonuses given at the time of your first deposit and gifts given on birthdays and such. When looking for an online casino you may want to find one that offers such an incentive. However, you must also look at the fine print. Many bonuses have restrictions. For instance, some bonuses are only allowed for certain deposit methods. Other bonuses are only given when you deposit a certain amount.

The secrets of blackjack

It is not clear which is the precise origin of blackjack, but the most accepted theory says the European origin of blackjack goes back to France in the 12th century. Apparently, French citizens played a game called vingt et un, which means twenty-one, in the rooms of noble lords and rich families. The goal of the game was to obtain 21 points using just two cards.

When a player got more than 21, the player right away lost the game. The appearance of blackjack in the United States, mostly in the casinos in Las Vegas took place when the immigrants brought it from Europe. In 1931, in a town in Nevada blackjack made history when it was legalized, establishing itself as one of the main casino games.

Another fact that made history in the game of blackjack took place in 1962, when Edward Thorp used a primitive digital device to analyze the typical distribution of blackjack hands in blackjack games.

Making use of his investigation, he developed what is currently known as basic blackjack strategy and in this way he managed to become famous and gave this casino game more popularity. Currently, blackjack has lots of followers and is an essential part of casinos.

How to bluff and win at Blackjack

Although bluffing has always been mostly related to online poker , today it is not restricted to poker only. But in order to practice bluffing in blackjack, you need to master it to perfection. Still, as compared to poker, blackjack is a much fairer game. The first thing you need to learn about bluffing in online blackjack is how your expression looks when you bluff. You can analyze this and study your face in front of the mirror until you get the look you need. And when you get it, memorize it because later, you may want to use it as often as possible. Secondly, what you have to learn is not to let the other players’ actions affect you. In blackjack, the other players don’t matter to you at all, only the dealer does.

Bluffing can bring you lots of money if you do it correctly and at the right time. Otherwise, it can cause you great losses. Of course, there are situations when bluffing is not necessary, like, for instance, when you have a natural blackjack, which is a winner, anyway. On the other hand, when doubling down or splitting the aces they get a blackjack, many gamblers prefer to bluff. The only thing is that you need to be very cautious when doing it. Therefore, you need to act in such a way that the other players think that you’re very concerned about your cards. This way you indirectly force them to increase their bets, which will turn to your advantage.

blackjack bluffing

A hard 17 or 18 is quite a good hand at blackjack and in such cases it is imperative that you hide the fact that you’re bluffing from the other players. In order to do this, you can either pretend that you have a very bad hand, which will give your opponents a feeling fake self confidence or, you can pretend that you have a very good hand, which will make them fold. If you have a really bad hand and the casino you’re playing at doesn’t allow surrendering, all you can do is draw one more card. When you draw it, do it with a great lack of enthusiasm to get a better hand. Your opponents will believe you’re not sure you should take the risk of busting. Your action, of course, shows that you have a good hand, which is false. Pretending that you have a hand that you actually don’t have can be really profitable. But it would be wrong to lean on bluffing only. You need to combine it with a gaming strategy and always be careful not to bust, because blackjack is a game of skill in the first place.

Bluffing is very common among gamblers and we need to be able to make the difference between bluffing and cheating. Cheating is against the law and it is not recommended under any circumstances. Cheating involves marking or switching the cards, which can get you into a lot of trouble.

Moneybookers payment solution offered in UK online casinos

Visitors of UK online casinos are really lucky to have a long list of payment solutions offered to them in UK online casinos. There is no secret that most British players still prefer using their credit or debit cards ( Visa, MasterCard) for gambling-related purposes. However, more and more players finally come to understanding that it can be really unsafe. When making a deposit or withdrawing money via debit or credit cards, you are required to provide casino operators with various bank details and personal information. And in our age of internet terrorism and hackers, there is no guarantee that the bank transaction won’t be monitored and your details won’t be stolen.

That’s why there is a strong tendency among online gamblers to use alternative banking options. MoneyBookers (Skrill) is one of the most reliable and trustworthy payment processors operating in the web. First of all, its headquarters is located in London that certainly means a lot for visitors of UK online casinos. The motto of MoneyBookers company is ‘Your wallet for the internet’. Right now more than 36 000 000 people all over the world use MoneyBookers accounts for purchases via internet including gambling transactions. MoneyBookers allows users to execute transactions in all major world currencies.


The protection of users’ information is priority number one for MoneyBookers. Its main difference from all other banking options is that to transfer funds or withdraw money from your casino account using MoneyBookers, you don’t have to reveal any personal information. And if nothing is revealed, nothing is stolen consequently. The only information required is a user’s email address. Such a security scheme appeals a lot to British online gamblers and players from all other countries. It helps them to feel protected against the fraud. By the way, Moneybookers complies with the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 of European Union.

So, to put money on your casino account using MoneyBookers you have to fund your MoneyBookers account first. The list of available funding options is provided on the MoneyBookers website and depends on the country of your residence. Most players use their bank account to transfer money to MoneyBookers account and then send it anywhere else. However, you can also use all popular credit cards like MasterCard, Amex, Visa or Diners Club to refill your MoneyBookers balance. And don’t you worry too much about the fees that are usually applied for sending and receiving money via e-wallets. MoneyBookers has a very democratic policy about this. When sending the funds you will be charged with only $1 commission fee up to 0.5€. And when receiving the money via MoneyBookers, no fees are applied at all.

Another great thing about MoneyBookers payment solution is that all the deposits are made instantly. You just complete the transaction and voilà! You have money on your online casino account. Just compare how much time would a bank transfer or checks take and feel the difference! By the way, MoneyBookers official web site is available in numerous European languages and a great ‘refer-a-friend’ reward program is offered there.

Unfortunately, due to the local restrictions, online gamblers from the United States of America, Israel, Malaysia, China and Turkey cannot use MoneyBookers account for gambling related purposes. Thank God, British players don’t have to worry about this. Practically all large UK online casinos are happy to accept your funds via MoneyBookers. What’s more, they even offer special banking bonuses for using this payment method.

Blackjack in online casinos

Of all the myths that have been invented about blackjack, the most popular says that sometimes a blackjack player is destined to win. It is understandable because many players believe that at the end of the day they will win a game after losing many others. The truth is that the house´s advantage does not change although the casino player has lost many hands.

Progressive blackjack became known with the explosion of online gambling. Progressive blackjack is played exactly as the common game, with the exception that the player can win a certain amount or percentage according to some round of card combinations.

Many blackjack players also believe it is best to assume that the dealer’s hidden card is a 10. The truth is that only one third of the deck worth 10 and the other two thirds are aces or cards from 2 to 9.

Progressive blackjack is a very exciting casino game but the probabilities of winning are not always in the players favor. To have more chances to win in this game, the player must bet over the bonus bet that is made, before the hand is dealt.

May slot machines tournaments in InterCasino

InterCasino is one of the largest and most trustworthy online casinos in the Great Britain. It’s powered by quality Cryptologic software and offers an awesome range of slot machines, table games, progressive games and so on. As many other gambling sites, InterCasino has recently introduced new tournaments due to start in May. Most of them are played on Cryptologic most popular slot machines, like The Hulk and others. Read further for more details about InterCasino slot tournaments.

Unfortunately one of the May InterCasino tournaments is already over. It was running for 2 days only- on the first and second of May. This tournament was playing on Tri Card Poker and didn’t attract much of participants. Anyway, there are 3 other exciting slot tournaments that you can still participate into. The first tournament played on the famed Hulk slot machine by Cryptologic started couple days ago on the third of May. However, it welcomes all new players till the 9th of May so you have a plenty of time to register and challenge your luck there. For those of you, who are not familiar with the Hulk video slot, we would like to underline its main features. That is a video slot machine with all the latest features designed in cooperation with Marvel. It tells us a story, well-known from the Hulk comic books and movies, about a scientist who transformed himself into a green monster by a mistake. Hulk is justly considered to be one of the most legendary video slots ever, so why not playing it in the framework of this InterCasino tournament?

The second slot machines tournament offered in InterCasino will start on the 17th of May and the registration will be over on May 23. The Picnic Panic is 5 reels bonus slot machine played in this tournament. Picnic Panic tells us a hilarious story of a picnic spoiled by the ants invasion. This is a very positively-looking and bright slot machine with cheerful music and quality animation of all the symbols. As for the bonus features of this slot, there is a Free Spins bonus feature along with a bonus round played on the second screen. Taking part in this tournament, you will have a bunch of great emotions guaranteed.

And the third slots tournament offered by InterCasino is played on the Monkey to Mars. It will be running for 7 days starting from the 24th of May. Monkey to Mars is a slot game based on the theme of space shuttles and astronauts. By the way, speaking of the space and astronauts, playing in InterCasino you can actually win a space trip!!! A current promotion by InterCasino called The Space Race will be over only in the end of May. All new and existing players gain stars for making deposits and playing various InterCasino games. Every gambler who has at least one Star has a chance to win a trip to space and other thrilling weekly prizes. Check out the InterCasino website to get more detailed information.

By the way, all the slot tournaments we explained above have the same scheme. A prize pool for any of these tournaments is £250 that players who take the first, the second and next four places will share. A winner of every tournament will receive £100 of real money guaranteed. A participant who takes the second place will receive £50 and 3rd,4th,5th and 6th places will bring £25 each. Every participant of a tournament will be given £500 to play a certain slot machine within 30 minutes. The entry fee set up for all the tournaments equals £10. Not too much for such an exciting slot machines tournaments experience, right?