Cash n Curry Slot Machine

The Cash n Curry game is another of the very popular fruit machines that can be played over at any of Microgaming UK Slot Sites. This particular slot will see you venturing into an Indian Restaurant where you will be hoping for a hot and spicy reel spinning session!


The Cash n Curry fruit machine has a three row by three column grid on the left hand side of the reels and to trigger the bonus round on this game you first need to line up three spice pots which appear along the symbols on the reels.

You can play for the following stakes: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The jackpot on the base game is an impressive 500 times your stake and you can also be awarded nudges after the completion on any one spin of the reels.

Cash ‘n’ Curry Bonus Game – Once you have managed to line up on the grid a row of three Balti’s then you will trigger the bonus round, this is played out on a new screen and here you will be presented with a screen of 24 squares. You need to hit the spin button and the number displayed on the number reel will move you around this board.

The aim of this game is to amass cash or features as you move around the board, but you must use your judgment on when to collect as your coolant level will drop by one position whenever you land on a feature, or if you land on any of the following positions: Big Gulp, Down in 1, Spillage and Lose decreases your coolant level. However you can build up your coolant level by landing on any of the following positions: Top Up and Cheeky Half.


Held Feature – This light will occasionally light up and when it does all of the Balti’s that are currently in the grid will stay in place for the next spin, giving you the chance of lining up a row of three of them easier.

Nudges – These are nothing to be afraid of, but if you are used to playing casino type slots you may not have come across them before. A nudge simply lets you move reels downwards to help complete winning combinations, you can win a random amount of them however you are not guaranteed to be able to make a winning combination every time they are triggered!

Nudge Bank Held – If you have any nudges left over after nudging in a win, or maybe you didn’t use them, then the unused nudges may be rolled over to the next game, if so this light will light up to show you they have been held to be completed at the end of the next spin.

Nudge Gamble – You may be given the option of gambling any nudges that you have been awarded, if offered you can then risk either earning additional nudges or losing those you have.

Nudge Repeat – Once you have used your allocated nudges the fruit machine may offer you another batch of them at random, when it does this both this light and the number of nudges repeated will illuminate.

Hold – Keep your eyes peeled on the Hold buttons below each reel, if they light up and flash at the end of any spin then you can hold any of the reels to be locked in place for the next game.


Start – This is where the game begins, and once you work your way around the board should you land on this position again your coolant level does not reduce.

Turbo Boost This will move you onto to a new position on the board, your coolant level does not decrease should you land on this position however it may do depending on where you eventually land. Other positions that do not decrease your coolant level include both the Take a Breather position and the Start position

Yes or No Repeater This is offered once you have been awarded the Curry Go Round Super Jackpot feature and offers you a chance of repeating it, or not depending if you get either the Yes or No!

Bhaji Bonus – If you take this feature you are returned to the base game and the reels will spin resulting in a guaranteed winning combination spinning in.

Spice-O-Meter – This feature will present you with a meter that has nine sections to it, simply click on the stop button and you will be awarded one of these levels, each level is has a multiplier value attached to it and this will be multiplied by your stake to arrive at your win amount.

Multi Balti – If you collect this bonus feature you are shown three multiplier values, these are then shuffled around and you need to click on one of them, via the hold buttons, once they stop to be presented with the value which is then multiplied by your stake.

Chicken Ticker – This feature will also send you back to the base game and the reels will spin, you need to stop the reels by hitting the stop button on a winning combination, but you need to be quick as the reels will stop if you take too long!

Rogan Dosh – This feature will see you being sent back to the base game and you need to hit the stop button and this will highlight a reel, and then you need to hit the stop button again to select a symbol on that reel, the game will then spin the reels resulting in a win spinning in of the symbol you selected.

Bombay Mix – This game will show you a meter which flashes you need to hit stop to get one of the multiplier amounts indicated.

Belt Buster – This will send you back to the base game and a series of wins will spin in you need to click collect to stop on the winning combination that you wish to be awarded. Once again you need to be quick as eventually the machine will stop awarding you further combinations.

VindaLoot – Landing on this square and collecting it will send you back to the base game and you will then spin in a series of reel wins these wins are all added to your bank and will keep on spinning in until the series has been completed.

Curry Go Round Super Jackpot – This is the top paying feature game and here you will be awarded a prize that can be worth up to 500 times your stake and you may be awarded the Yes or No Repeater which can repeat this up to three times resulting in a maximum payout of 2000 times your stake!