Know the very important rules of blackjack before you play it

Blackjack is one of the most popular gaming options for players. It provides decent odds for both the player and the house. The game is one of chance that can provide very large payouts. The game is sometimes called, “Twenty One.” The game is played with a fifty two card deck. The main objective of the player or players in the game is to get closer to the number twenty one than the dealer. That is not the only way to beat the dealer. Besides getting closer to twenty one than the dealer, the game can be won by hitting twenty one exactly. If the dealer goes over twenty one the player automatically wins.

Numerical Value of Cards used in Blackjack

Each card of the deck has a different numerical value. All of the number cards are equal to the number on the card. All of the face cards have value as well. The Ace card can be used as one point or it can be used as eleven points. Face cards, which are Kings, Jacks, and Queens, are cards that are always worth ten points each. The Ace is somewhat of a wild card that adds excitement and thrill to the game. Both the players and the dealer can use the Ace card however they choose. Players take turns clockwise after the two hand deal. The random chance and probability of winning is actually very high. Continue reading “Know the very important rules of blackjack before you play it”

Benefits of Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack can be a really fun game and many people enjoy playing the game for money. It can make it more competitive and winning is much more worthwhile if there is a great prize at the end of it. Many people choose to play Blackjack online and there are many reasons why it can be good to do this.

Play Any Time

Playing online means that you are not restricted to when you can play the game. You will be able to play it at any time of the day or night. You do not have to wait until your friends or family want to play with you or until a casino opens but you can play whenever you feel like it. It is so good knowing that you are able to play when you really want to as you may not be in the mood for playing when a casino is open.


Play Anywhere

It can be so great having the choice of so many places to play. If you only play in a casino then you may not be able to go to many because you will be restricted geographically. You may have no casinos near to where you live at all or just a limited few which will mean that you get very little choice. Playing online means that you get a huge choice and this allows you lots of freedom. You will be able to look for the casino that looks the best, gives the best jackpots, is most popular or has the best rewards. For example you can find best bonuses on so you may want to try it or perhaps you would rather go for a site which you think looks the best or has the best games.

Play Against Lots of Different People

It could be possible to play against people from all over the world if you find a site that allows you to play against other people. This could enable you to meet lots of people and also to chat to them. You may find that you make some new friends or just pick up some new tactics for playing the game.

Different Themes

Many websites differ in their themes and this can make playing the games more fun for you. It is good to explore what the differences are so that you can choose one that you think you will really like.

Different Versions

You may find that different websites vary in the versions of the games that they have. This means that you could play blackjack with slightly different rules. This could make it more enjoyable for you and will give you a chance to try out some variations.

Last chance to play at the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

Although blackjack fans can enjoy playing blackjack through a variety of internet casino sites, the most glamorous blackjack competition is about to get underway this month with the arrival of the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament.

Taking place at the exclusive Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar, the competition will put four top-class blackjack gamers head to head in a grand final that could see them taking a share in the £10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

However, the way in which players have managed to reach the final has proved highly interesting. Although the grand final takes place on 14 November in Gibraltar, it is just the pinnacle of over six weeks of competition that featured four highly-contested week-long qualifying rounds. Continue reading “Last chance to play at the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament”

How to Play Online Blackjack

Although there can be a variety of variations on this game, Blackjack is relatively simple to learn. Here are some basics.

In Blackjack, an ace has a value of 11 points unless the hand exceeds twenty-one. If it is greater than twenty-one, the ace will have a value of one. A suit does not make any difference in this game. Cards with Jack Queen or King count for 10 points. All other cards are worth their face value. It is the total of the card values in the hand that counts. For example, a Jack and a six equal sixteen. In hands where the ace has a value of 11, it is called a “soft” hand. (Example: Ace + 8 = soft 19). In hands where the ace has a value of 1, it is called a “hard” hand. (Example: Ace, King + 8 = 19). A Blackjack hand is the ideal one. It will consist of the Ace + a card with a value of 10 (10, J, Q, K). The two cards including the Ace will always beat a hand with 3 or more cards totaling 21. Continue reading “How to Play Online Blackjack”

What is double down in Blackjack?

Let’s get a little more complicated and start doubling down. This means that after you get your face up card and your face down card, double your bet. You do this by putting a second $5.00 (or whatever the amount you first placed) in your betting box. You and the dealer understand that you have committed to trying to win by taking one more card. You can increase your blackjack budget by looking at some casino comparison sites to find the recent bonus offers the best casinos are offering to their players.

What made you do this? How did you come to this decision? How can doing this be to your advantage?

First of all, you are gambling. You could well lose all of the money you have just bet. Doubling doesn’t increase your chances of winning, it increases the amount you will get if you do win. But the experts have worked out your chances and have a set of rules for you to follow that will tell you when it is safest to double. Continue reading “What is double down in Blackjack?”

The secrets of blackjack

It is not clear which is the precise origin of blackjack, but the most accepted theory says the European origin of blackjack goes back to France in the 12th century. Apparently, French citizens played a game called vingt et un, which means twenty-one, in the rooms of noble lords and rich families. The goal of the game was to obtain 21 points using just two cards.

When a player got more than 21, the player right away lost the game. The appearance of blackjack in the United States, mostly in the casinos in Las Vegas took place when the immigrants brought it from Europe. In 1931, in a town in Nevada blackjack made history when it was legalized, establishing itself as one of the main casino games. Continue reading “The secrets of blackjack”