How to bluff and win at Blackjack

Although bluffing has always been mostly related to online poker , today it is not restricted to poker only. But in order to practice bluffing in blackjack, you need to master it to perfection. Still, as compared to poker, blackjack is a much fairer game. The first thing you need to learn about bluffing in online blackjack is how your expression looks when you bluff. You can analyze this and study your face in front of the mirror until you get the look you need. And when you get it, memorize it because later, you may want to use it as often as possible. Secondly, what you have to learn is not to let the other players’ actions affect you. In blackjack, the other players don’t matter to you at all, only the dealer does.

Bluffing can bring you lots of money if you do it correctly and at the right time. Otherwise, it can cause you great losses. Of course, there are situations when bluffing is not necessary, like, for instance, when you have a natural blackjack, which is a winner, anyway. On the other hand, when doubling down or splitting the aces they get a blackjack, many gamblers prefer to bluff. The only thing is that you need to be very cautious when doing it. Therefore, you need to act in such a way that the other players think that you’re very concerned about your cards. This way you indirectly force them to increase their bets, which will turn to your advantage.

blackjack bluffing

A hard 17 or 18 is quite a good hand at blackjack and in such cases it is imperative that you hide the fact that you’re bluffing from the other players. In order to do this, you can either pretend that you have a very bad hand, which will give your opponents a feeling fake self confidence or, you can pretend that you have a very good hand, which will make them fold. If you have a really bad hand and the casino you’re playing at doesn’t allow surrendering, all you can do is draw one more card. When you draw it, do it with a great lack of enthusiasm to get a better hand. Your opponents will believe you’re not sure you should take the risk of busting. Your action, of course, shows that you have a good hand, which is false. Pretending that you have a hand that you actually don’t have can be really profitable. But it would be wrong to lean on bluffing only. You need to combine it with a gaming strategy and always be careful not to bust, because blackjack is a game of skill in the first place.

Bluffing is very common among gamblers and we need to be able to make the difference between bluffing and cheating. Cheating is against the law and it is not recommended under any circumstances. Cheating involves marking or switching the cards, which can get you into a lot of trouble.