Rules of Pai Gow poker

All the popular online casinos offer Pai Gow in a category of table games. Speaking about the history of this card game, it originated in China many many years ago. It was originally played not with cars but with piles, by the way. This game came to the largest land-based gambling establishments of Las Vegas in 1980s or even later, probably brought by Chinese immigrants. At that time dominoes have been already replaced by a traditional 52 cards deck. Right now Pai Gow poker can be enjoyed not only at the table in a large brick-and-mortar casino but in British online casinos as well.

Pai Gow poker doesn’t actually have much in common with traditional poker like we know it. The only similarity is probably the same poker hands qualified according to the payout table. So, let’s look at the rules of Pai Gow poker on the example of 32Red Casino powered by Microgaming. Microgaming Pai Gow software is justly considered to be one of the most classy. Launching the game either in a download or instant-play mode, you will see a table with playing areas for 5 players. Don’t even play attention, it’s just a trick used by Microgaming developers to create an atmosphere of sitting at the real Pai Gow table along with other players. Pai Gow online is a solitary game meaning that you are competing against a virtual dealer only. Continue reading “Rules of Pai Gow poker”

What Should I Look For in an Online Casino

Type in the words online casino and you will be dumbfounded by the amount of online casinos available. With all of the different choices it can be difficult to make up your mind. The difficult part is figuring out what to look for in an online casino. Once you know what to look for than you will have an easier time deciding what online casino you want to play at.

Not all online casinos allow customers from all states or countries. In fact, most U.S. states don´t allow gamble on the net and most online casinos have stopped accepting U.S. residents altogether. For this reason, one of the first things you must look into is the regional restrictions. Make sure that the casino will allow you to play. In addition, you may also want to make sure that online gambling is legal in your state. Continue reading “What Should I Look For in an Online Casino”

The secrets of blackjack

It is not clear which is the precise origin of blackjack, but the most accepted theory says the European origin of blackjack goes back to France in the 12th century. Apparently, French citizens played a game called vingt et un, which means twenty-one, in the rooms of noble lords and rich families. The goal of the game was to obtain 21 points using just two cards.

When a player got more than 21, the player right away lost the game. The appearance of blackjack in the United States, mostly in the casinos in Las Vegas took place when the immigrants brought it from Europe. In 1931, in a town in Nevada blackjack made history when it was legalized, establishing itself as one of the main casino games. Continue reading “The secrets of blackjack”

How to bluff and win at Blackjack

Although bluffing has always been mostly related to online poker , today it is not restricted to poker only. But in order to practice bluffing in blackjack, you need to master it to perfection. Still, as compared to poker, blackjack is a much fairer game. The first thing you need to learn about bluffing in online blackjack is how your expression looks when you bluff. You can analyze this and study your face in front of the mirror until you get the look you need. And when you get it, memorize it because later, you may want to use it as often as possible. Secondly, what you have to learn is not to let the other players’ actions affect you. In blackjack, the other players don’t matter to you at all, only the dealer does.

Bluffing can bring you lots of money if you do it correctly and at the right time. Otherwise, it can cause you great losses. Of course, there are situations when bluffing is not necessary, like, for instance, when you have a natural blackjack, which is a winner, anyway. On the other hand, when doubling down or splitting the aces they get a blackjack, many gamblers prefer to bluff. The only thing is that you need to be very cautious when doing it. Therefore, you need to act in such a way that the other players think that you’re very concerned about your cards. This way you indirectly force them to increase their bets, which will turn to your advantage. Continue reading “How to bluff and win at Blackjack”

Moneybookers payment solution offered in UK online casinos

Visitors of UK online casinos are really lucky to have a long list of payment solutions offered to them in UK online casinos. There is no secret that most British players still prefer using their credit or debit cards ( Visa, MasterCard) for gambling-related purposes. However, more and more players finally come to understanding that it can be really unsafe. When making a deposit or withdrawing money via debit or credit cards, you are required to provide casino operators with various bank details and personal information. And in our age of internet terrorism and hackers, there is no guarantee that the bank transaction won’t be monitored and your details won’t be stolen.

That’s why there is a strong tendency among online gamblers to use alternative banking options. MoneyBookers (Skrill) is one of the most reliable and trustworthy payment processors operating in the web. First of all, its headquarters is located in London that certainly means a lot for visitors of UK online casinos. The motto of MoneyBookers company is ‘Your wallet for the internet’. Right now more than 36 000 000 people all over the world use MoneyBookers accounts for purchases via internet including gambling transactions. MoneyBookers allows users to execute transactions in all major world currencies. Continue reading “Moneybookers payment solution offered in UK online casinos”

Blackjack in online casinos

Of all the myths that have been invented about blackjack, the most popular says that sometimes a blackjack player is destined to win. It is understandable because many players believe that at the end of the day they will win a game after losing many others. The truth is that the house´s advantage does not change although the casino player has lost many hands.

Progressive blackjack became known with the explosion of online gambling. Progressive blackjack is played exactly as the common game, with the exception that the player can win a certain amount or percentage according to some round of card combinations. Continue reading “Blackjack in online casinos”