Rules of Pai Gow poker

All the popular online casinos offer Pai Gow in a category of table games. Speaking about the history of this card game, it originated in China many many years ago. It was originally played not with cars but with piles, by the way. This game came to the largest land-based gambling establishments of Las Vegas in 1980s or even later, probably brought by Chinese immigrants. At that time dominoes have been already replaced by a traditional 52 cards deck. Right now Pai Gow poker can be enjoyed not only at the table in a large brick-and-mortar casino but in British online casinos as well.

Pai Gow poker doesn’t actually have much in common with traditional poker like we know it. The only similarity is probably the same poker hands qualified according to the payout table. So, let’s look at the rules of Pai Gow poker on the example of 32Red Casino powered by Microgaming. Microgaming Pai Gow software is justly considered to be one of the most classy. Launching the game either in a download or instant-play mode, you will see a table with playing areas for 5 players. Don’t even play attention, it’s just a trick used by Microgaming developers to create an atmosphere of sitting at the real Pai Gow table along with other players. Pai Gow online is a solitary game meaning that you are competing against a virtual dealer only.

Pai Gow pokerIn the very beginning, you are expected to place an ante bet. In Microgaming software your betting options include a simple bet and a bonus bet. Their size varies from $1 to $200 that caters to the needs for both low rollers and high rollers. Once you place your bets (or just a single bet), both you and a dealer will be dealt 7 cards. You can see only your cards face up. What you should do is to divide these 7 cards into two hands- a high hand and a low hand. A high hand (also called a behind hand) should consist of 5 cards while the low hand(also called a front hand) should consist of 2 cards only. The main rule you should follow is that your high hand should be always higher than your low hand. For example, you can not have a pair in your low hand and nothing in your high hand at the same time.

The best poker combination you can have in your low hand is obviously a pair while you can have anything from pair to the Royal Flush in your high hand. Having separated your hands you can finally click the PLAY button to get your hands compared to the hands of a virtual dealer. If you win both hands, then your bet is doubled. Bonus payouts are given for high hands from straight to 7 card straight flush. If one of your hand is higher and another hand is lower than a banker’s hand, then you receive your bet back. If both your hands lose, then you lose everything you bet, as you can guess. In case of a tie that appears rather rarely though, casino claims all the bets you made.

In most cases Pai Gow poker software also has a joker that can substitute any other card and help you complete a winning poker combination. Microgaming Pai Gow software also have a button called HOUSE WAY. Pressing this button you can make computer decide how to divide your hands.