The secrets of blackjack

It is not clear which is the precise origin of blackjack, but the most accepted theory says the European origin of blackjack goes back to France in the 12th century. Apparently, French citizens played a game called vingt et un, which means twenty-one, in the rooms of noble lords and rich families. The goal of the game was to obtain 21 points using just two cards.

When a player got more than 21, the player right away lost the game. The appearance of blackjack in the United States, mostly in the casinos in Las Vegas took place when the immigrants brought it from Europe. In 1931, in a town in Nevada blackjack made history when it was legalized, establishing itself as one of the main casino games.

Another fact that made history in the game of blackjack took place in 1962, when Edward Thorp used a primitive digital device to analyze the typical distribution of blackjack hands in blackjack games.

Making use of his investigation, he developed what is currently known as basic blackjack strategy and in this way he managed to become famous and gave this casino game more popularity. Currently, blackjack has lots of followers and is an essential part of casinos.